The Wabco 101G is a versatile 8.4 cubic metre capacity scraper, with a V504 V8 Cummins engine, de-rated to 180 horsepower for reliability and longevity. A Clark 4 speed power shift transmission and torque converter driving through the differential and planetries gives high speed travelling (50 km/hr) with excellent lugging power for loading. Though this is the smallest efficient scraper commonly available, it is like all scrapers a true bulk earthmoving machine. It is cheaper to use in medium size dams than a bulldozer, and constructing a better product by breaking soil into peds rather than dust, and with its high point load compaction ability. It is also considerably cheaper than a team of excavator loading trucks, dumping for a grader to spread, on haul distances less than 5 km.

 Videos:              Wabco 101G returning to Keepit Coffer Dam Wall base topsoil strip at travelling speed:


                             Loading out of dam to construct silo truck turning area


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