The mighty Wabco 353FT - largest elevating scraper ever built, SAE 27.5 cubic metres payload. With Twin power 12V-71 Turbo Detroit diesels generating a total 1,050 horsepower, 6 speed Allison planetry powershift transmissions with V.I.P torque converters,  twin 150 horsepower electric motor elevator drives loading up to 1 cubic metre of material per second. Suited to stand alone rip-loading of rock with up to 90,000 lbs of rimpull applied to the ripper teeth (equivalent to a D9 H Dozer), and general overburden stripping.


Wabco 353FT scraper ramping in to 6ft sheer gully - Using the scraper to cut a ramp into a gully so it can be filled up - 6 foot sheer drop, bowl floor open, elevators rolling, to drag off edge and grade slope.

Apologies for the shaky footage due to zoom, but this gives a good feel for the awesome power and speed of the 1,050hp twinpower elevating scraper.

Instant Road - Wabco 353FT spreading gravel - you could not beat it for gravel sheeting, the road just seems to grow behind you.

Gravel loading - this is the other part of the road sheeting operation - 45 seconds to self load 27 metres of gravel out of the pit.

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